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    As an independent real estate brokerage Linkpoint Realty is not bound by office policies imposed by corporate franchise offices. We are able to conform to your needs more specifically, tailor our services to you individually and think outside the box. When you work with us you're a real person and not just another file number.


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    Dean is the best! Dean has been a rock solid guide to me in multiple transactions and I would highly recommend anyone use his expertise in their real estate interests. He is a true pro and makes the process as simple and efficient as possible, answering all my questions and guiding me in the right directions. Dean has helped me with 3 transactions over the 10 years or so I've known him and wouldn't think to call anyone else for my next needs. Doug D. - Denver, CO
    Throughout our journey to finding our dream home and also being 1st time home buyers, Dean was always by our side or just a phone call away (and there were MANY). I never imagined meeting such a patient and caring individual; he was there through the entire process, even with the short sale drama and even there just for me to vent! It was a real pleasure to work with someone whose primary interest was to find us what we wanted, rather than trying to get us into something that was easy for him. I would have to say by far Dean is so wonderful and is a rare find in this industry he truly has the best interest of the client at heart. No matter what price you're buying a home for Dean will treat you as if you are his only client, he truly made being a 1st time home buyer a wonderful process! Sabra. & Arianna T. - Denver, CO
    We really appreciate everything you did in order to enable us to get into our house. You must be able to move quickly on homes in Boulder County and have a highly knowledgeable and resourceful real estate agent representing you, of which you are! Thank you, we love our house and would never have found it AND been able to put in a strong offer without you! Kirstin L. & Laura S. - Boulder, CO
    Dean is an honest, down to earth professional who always put our needs first throughout every step of the home-buying process. Dean was always patient, flexible and considerate of our needs; he worked tirelessly to assist us in any way he could. Jacob K. & Stefanie D. - Aurora, CO
    Buying my first home was easy and relaxing with Dean's help. Dean never made me feel rushed or pressured and he was always eager to answer any questions I had. He took time to do research and keep me informed. I will never buy another home without Dean's help! Andy & Kailey G. - Denver, CO
    You never cease to amaze me in your real estate marketing creativity! Jim H - Aurora, CO
    Dean did a masterful job of keeping me apprized of all the facets of a short sale. Dean worked tirelessly in utilizing his communication skills and established contacts that went all the way to Washington, D.C. and the Treasury Department in assisting all the parties in seeing the benefits of completing this short sale. Words cannot express my gratitude for his efforts in keeping this process going when everything seemed to be falling apart. I recommend Dean to anyone who wants a Realtor who 'works' for you. John Y. - Thornton, CO
    Dean is a very devoted, sincere and hard working agent. If not for Dean's dedication and determination our house could have been in foreclosure. We are so thankful for all of his hard work - another happy ending! Dean has truly been a great inspiration. Dale & Janet S. - Westminster, CO
    You are a real Professional! Love the way you don't hesitate to take care of the details. Matt Harris, Pinnacle Mortgage

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    The Biggest Change to Credit Reports in Years? This article was written by Jeanine Skowronski and originally published on Credit.com.

    The major credit reporting agencies have a big change in the works that could bolster a lot of people's credit scores. As part of its National Consumer Assistance Plan (the result of a settlement brokered with 31 state attorneys general back in 2015), Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are planning to significantly reduce the amount of tax-lien and civil-judgment information found in consumer credit files.
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    The company is known for attention to detail and has a reputation for going to extraordinary lengths to get the job done.

    Dean is a Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) designee, a nationally recognized designation earned by a real estate professional who has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services by securing a strong educational foundation. GRI graduates have developed a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to navigate the current real estate climate no matter what its condition. They act with professionalism and are committed to serving their clients and customers with the highest ethical standards.

    Personal service and professional results are our trademark.

    about dean

    I grew up in rural Michigan and spent summers working on nearby blueberry farms. As a teenager my family made annual trips to Colorado and with each visit I became more determined to someday live there. Financing my own education was my primary focus after high school and I worked a variety of different jobs while attending college. I earned a Bachelor Degree from Grand Valley State University in 1991 and moved to Colorado shortly thereafter. I love Colorado and all it has to offer. I wouldnt live anywhere else.

    After working many years in the oil and gas industry I decided it was time for a change. When the opportunity arose I earned an associate broker real estate license and went to work. After working for two different real estate companies I went out on my own and Linkpoint Realty was born. Its a decision that Ill never regret. As a managing broker with my own firm I have the flexibility to do more for my clients and tailor my services to each client individually.

    People are what make the Denver area a great place and I enjoy giving back to the community any way I can. While living in Colorado Springs I volunteered as an officer and Treasurer on the board of Colorado Springs PFLAG, two years on the board of our communitys civic association and during that time I became a Block Captain for our local Neighborhood Watch program. Early in 2012, I was honored to be appointed Head Area Coordinator for Auroras Area 11 Neighborhood Watch program, a position I still hold today.

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    Linkpoint Realty is an independent residential real estate brokerage with a proven track record of providing outstanding service and value. Born out of determination and innovation, the company continues to tailor its services to individual client needs.
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    Our service is never second best and our list of testimonials speaks for itself.

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    For many people their home is the biggest investment they'll make in their lifetime. When it comes time to sell you need to be fully informed. List price is critical to maximizing your net proceeds from a sale as well as having your home sold within your time frame. Marketing is key in soliciting the highest and best offer for your home. Every detail in the sale process will have an impact on the final results.

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    Buying a home is an exciting step and one of the largest purchases you'll likely make in your lifetime. You shouldn't be rushed in the process. We'll start with getting you prequalified for a mortgage, establish a comfortable price range and then show you homes you're interested in. We'll tailor your search and when you see the home of your dreams you'll know it! Patience is key to making sure you'll be happy in your new home now and for years to come. My goal is to become your real estate professional of choice not only today but for a lifetime.

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    We've been negotiating short sales for more than 10 years. Details in the negotiation process are critical in obtaining the best possible outcome and limiting liability after the sale. Let us put our experience to work for you. Short sales are negotiated with the mortgage company to ensure sale terms that are beneficial to you. With our negotiator in contact with the mortgage company our short sale success rate is nearly 100 percent.

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    Details have yet to be finalized, but "there will be less of that type of data in credit reports moving forward," Stuart K. Pratt, president and CEO of the Consumer Data Industry Association, a trade association that represents the credit bureaus, confirmed to Credit.com. Testing is currently underway and a final plan regarding the information is expected to be implemented in July 2017.
    A 'meaningful' impact
    A new study from major credit scoring model VantageScore recently found that the move could help a number of people improve their credit. The study assumed the most extreme form these changes could take eliminating all civil judgments and tax-lien data from credit reports and examined the impact it would have on the VantageScore 3.0 scores for 4 million U.S. consumers. Under these parameters, Vantage found 11% of the sample population had tax liens or civil judgments removed. Approximately 8% of the sample received an average score increase of 11 points when all tax liens and civil judgments were removed.
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    That may seem like a small amount of consumers. But "the sample is intended to be representative of the U.S. population," Sarah Davies, VantageScore's senior vice president of analytics, product management and research, explained. "The idea that 11% of consumers have some kind of public record [on their credit report], that's quite a lot of consumers." Not to mention, in certain instances, score increases could be more substantial. VantageScore found, for instance, that 33.6% of consumers with scores between 581 and 600 saw their scores increase to between 601 and 620 when the lien and judgment data was removed. And 33.1% of consumers with a score between 601 and 620 saw their score bump up into the 620-to-641 range. Those changes are noteworthy, given that, in both scenarios, these consumers could find themselves newly able to secure a mortgage. Federal Housing Administration-backed and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-backed loans generally require a minimum credit score of 580. And most mortgage experts say conventional loans (one not backed by a government agency) generally require a minimum score of 620. Davies explained that the average score increase is on the lower side because many consumers with liens or judgments on their credit reports have other negative information weighing them down. But "for some people, [the change in score is] going to be meaningful," she said.
    More consumer-friendly credit reports
    The reduction of tax lien and judgment data isn't the only change in the works as a result of the 2015 settlement. As part of its National Consumer Assistance Plan, the credit bureaus are also working to overhaul their dispute process by, among other things, employing specially trained personnel to review disputes and supporting documentation; allowing consumers who discover an error after obtaining their credit reports through AnnualCreditReport.com to get a second report free of charge; and providing additional information with the dispute results, including a description of what a consumer can do if they're not satisfied with the outcome. They also plan to introduce a 180-day waiting period between the time a medical bill account is created and the time it can be recorded on a credit report as due for collection, as well as forming a multi-company working group to regularly review and help ensure consistency in reported data. But the tax lien and judgment reduction-related to the bureaus' promise to eliminate the reporting of debts that did not arise from a contract or agreement by the consumer to pay, like tickets or fines is significant in that it represents the full removal of certain information that has long appeared on credit reports.
    Getting healthier credit
    The bureaus were given 3 years to implement the new policies outlined in the agreement. And major changes made by big credit scoring models including the exclusion of paid medical debt in their calculations only apply to the latest versions of their scores, which have yet to be adopted by all lenders. In the interim, you can generally fix your credit by identifying your credit score killers and creating a game plan to address them. (You can track your progress by viewing two of your credit scores for free each month on Credit.com.) You may also be able to improve your credit scores by disputing credit report errors, paying high credit card balances down and limiting new credit inquiries while your numbers improve. And you can build good credit in the long term by making all your loan payments on time, keeping your debt levels low and adding a mix of new credit accounts only as your scores and bank account can afford it.